Scrap Metal Recycling

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of iron and metal recovery,
MTF Recovery is the solution for the disposal and recycling of your irons and metals in large or small quantities.

Tel: (438) 508-0790
Factory Clearance

We accept all kinds of ferrous (Ex.: iron, steel), non-ferrous (Ex.: Copper, brass, aluminum) metal materials, batteries, and much more...

Tel: (438) 508-0790
Container Disposal

We are specialized in the provision and collection of containers from 1 to 65 cubic yards.
The containers are provided free of charge.

Tel: (438) 508-0790
Industrial Disassembly

MFT Récupération Industrial Disassembly service includes everithing from industrial machinery to complete production lines. The logistics are designed to attend every detail under your premises.

Tel: (438) 508-0790
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Our Services

récupération de fer et métaux

récupération de fer et métaux

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Our strengths in recycling are focused around 3 core functions:
Factory clearance, Industrial Disassembly, Container Disposal


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From 1 TO 65 cubic yards
récupération de fer et métaux

Why Recycling scrap metal?

Mining for new ores increases level of polution

Producing metal from new extracted ore consumes more energy than using recycled metal

Recycling scrap metal will reduce the procentage of metal ending on landfills

Preserves natural resurces as they are not renewable

Stimulates economy by creating new jobs and not in the end can make you cash

Meet recycling industry standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Call or contact MTF Récupération for a fast and reliable evaluation.
You can be payed in Cash, Check or Bank transfer.

(438) 508-0790

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